5 Non-alcoholic options for Hip Flasks

by X FLASKS November 23, 2016 1 Comment

5 Non-alcoholic options for Hip Flasks

Flasks traditionally hold spirits such as whisky or gin, but after talking to some of our customers, we’ve found that people put all sorts of drinks in them! Here are our 5 favourite non-alcoholic drinks for hip flasks.

Fizzy drinks

Unlike old hip flasks, X FLASKS are pure stainless steel, which means now it is possible to carry around fizzy drinks in your hip flasks, without worrying about the flask being damaged. Historically, hip flasks were made of pewter (which is an alloy of tin and copper and sometimes antimony, although before copper lead was used). Obviously were this 1800 we’d advise you not to put fizzy drinks in your hips flask, but luckily times have changed!

You can’t deny that an X FLASK looks way better than one of these noise machines *slurp*

Iced tea

Nothing is better than a cool, refreshing sip of iced tea on a warm day. With the many weird and wonderful flavours now available, you can keep a tasty sweet treat with you throughout the day.

Carrying one of these around is just not practical - no matter how delicious it looks


Again, an excellent choice for staying hydrated. Or instead of carrying the alcohol with you then mixing when you get to a party, you could carry the mixer with you and drink other people’s alcohol at the party! (Ker-ching!)

What are you, 5 years old? Put that down and pick up your hip flask


Why not just stick to the purest beverage? Carry some delicious, instant hydration around with you, without the annoying bulk of a plastic water bottle AND help the environment. We’ve just made hydration cool, classy, and considerate. You’re welcome.

Some may call it boring, we call it hydrating

Hangover cures

If you do go a bit overboard on a Saturday night, then facing the world on Sunday can seem like a daunting task. Switch out the alcohol from the previous night (if there’s any left, that is) and add some coffee or whatever weird potion you’ve concocted to help fix you up. Recover slowly throughout the day by keeping your favourite hangover cure on you!

You might think she looks rough, but swap that jug for an X FLASK and you’d never know she was feeling bad. Trust us.


So there we have it, folks. Got a particular non-alcoholic drink you like to put in your hip flask? Tweet us at @xflasks.



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Kieran lean
Kieran lean

February 08, 2018

So if I put coffe in a hip flask will it keep it warm

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