5 Best Speakeasies in London

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5 Best Speakeasies in London

Lifestyle (noun) : the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc, that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

Let’s face it—London is a city to be seen in. It matters the neighborhoods you frequent (Stokey or Shoreditch? Camden or Clapham?), the parties you get invited to, who your friends are. The flipside to that, what makes London so great, is that you get to choose all those things. It’s a city where your lifestyle defines you, but where you can also define your lifestyle. This is what X FLASKS is devoted to—adding to your quality of life here in London, and around the world.

Look—it rains a lot here. So we must drink. And drink well.

Here are some places where you can be seen:

5CC (in Electricity Showrooms), Shoreditch

Located in a fantastic enclave of bars and restaurants in Shoreditch, 5CC is a seated only, classic cocktail speakeasy in a company of bars, including Exmouth Arms in Exmouth Market and Harrild & Sons in Farringdon. The interior design is art deco with red neons shining through the dim lighting, dark black leather upholstery couches, and high bar stools to look over the crowd. When you’re in a place this chic looking, who cares what the conversation is about?

Drink of Choice: Femme Fatale

BYOC, Camden

With a £25 cover upon entry (hey—it’s Camden), which hopefully only makes the crowd a little more discerning, BYOC might seem like a pricey night out, but wait—the drinks are free. Wait, what? Why? How? Because you bring your own booze. That’s right. BYOC serves up artisan, handcrafted classic cocktails amidst a vintage casino atmosphere, and you bring your own bottle of liquor. A couple important things to point out before you run out the door right now—you must bring a fresh, unopened bottle, and there is a strict dress code policy. So look good.

Drink of Choice: Whatever you want it to be.

The King of Ladies Man, Battersea

From the heart and soul of the 1980’s aficionado’s who bring you The Breakfast Club cafés comes The King of Ladies Man, just a short walk away from the Thames in Battersea. Head to the back of Breakfast Club into the launderette and just keep going until you’re transported to a 70’s style, Jackie Brown swinger’s lounge with golden globe lights hanging from above and golden chairs to sit in. Can you dig?

Drink of Choice: Rosie & Gin

Evans & Peel Detective Agency, Kensington

The idea behind the bar is a little corny, but go with it, because they have these withered basement tiles behind the bar with hanging lights that make you feel like you’re in a laboratory. This is what you do: make a reservation on their website stating your “case”, as in, the case that their detectives solve for you. If they like your story, they let you in. They’re detectives, get it?

Drink of Choice: Hemingway’s Breakfast

NOLA, Shoreditch

Within walking distance of 5CC at Electricity Showrooms is NOLA, a New Orleans inspired Jazz speakeasy. With an herb garden, a cigar terrace, and Dixie Queens tending the space, NOLA’s intoxicating atmosphere will make your feel like you’ve been transported. Not to mention the sweet cocktails, sweet service, and leather, plush couches and oak tables all in homage to Bourbon Street. Just a heads up—people in New Orleans are super pleasant and charming, so don’t let that throw you off.

Drink of Choice: Sazerac (what else?)

So there you have it! Our shortlist of the best Speakeasies in London. Thanks for reading!



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