Inappropriate Times to Use a Hip Flask

by X FLASKS November 10, 2016

Inappropriate Times to Use a Hip Flask

We all know that hip flasks are great, versatile pieces of kit and there are so many instances where it’s totally appropriate to use one. However, we’re also aware that there are a few instances where using a hip flask might not be very appropriate at all.

When watering the flowers

Unless your garden consists of a single potted plant, we think you’d look a bit silly using a hip flask to water your garden. Plus it’d take you forever! Seriously, haven’t you got anything better to do?

Why is there a cat in this picture? Because cats are cool

When putting out a fire

As with the above point, unless you’re attempting to put out a lit match, using a hip flask to put out a fire is highly inappropriate. The fire will burn out quicker than you could put it out.

You’re gonna need a bigger bucket

When saying your wedding vows

We love drinking from our hip flasks as much as the next person, but think of what might be going through your spouse-to-be’s head. Even if it is just orange juice, we think your sip of drink can wait a few minutes. Your partner may have dreamed of you choking whilst saying your vows, but in their version it’s because you’re overcome with emotion, not because of the gulp you just took from your hip flask.

Is he upset or did he just take a sip from his hip flask? We’ll never know

During a job interview

We’ve all been there, we understand - job interviews can be very nerve-racking experiences and you may have a dry mouth as a result. But maybe ask for a glass of water before reaching for your inside chest pocket for a sip from your hip flask. Again, we’re all for the use of hip flasks, but maybe during an interview with a potential employer doesn’t give the best impression.

Not a great first impression, even if you are Sherlock Holmes

When it’s not yours


Hope my hip flask isn’t in that bag


So there you have it, those are some of the times where we think it’s inappropriate to use a hip flask (even though they’re great!). Got any other situations where hip flasks are inappropriate? Let us know by tweeting us @xflasks



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