The Perfect Gin & Tonic

by X FLASKS November 17, 2016

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

A Gin and Tonic (or G&T) is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day and enjoy the summer sun. The drink was first invented in India, as a way of adapting the bitter taste of quinine (from the tonic water) to be more palatable. Quinine was used to prevent and treat malaria, spread by mosquitoes in the warm jungles. But enough with the history lessons; today we’re going to show you how to make the perfect G&T.

The Gin

First of all you want to select a high quality gin with a great taste. You can try taster sessions at a gin parlour to help you decide, or if you just want to get a good all-round gin that doesn’t cost the earth, Tanqueray is my personal go-to gin of choice. Alternatively you can also go for Sipsmiths.

Tanqueray and Sipsmith

We recommend keeping some in one of our hip flasks, so you don’t have to carry a big bottle of gin to your picnic/garden party/rave.

The Tonic

You want to select a tonic that matches well to your chosen gin. Nothing is worse than a G&T that uses a tonic so overpowering it makes the entire drink too bitter.

For us it’s got to be Fentimans Tonic Water. It’s classic, well balanced and holds its fizz well.

This goes without saying, but make sure your tonic isn’t flat. Sorry but that week old 2L plastic bottle from Aldi isn’t going to cut it. I buy the mini cans you get on airplanes which provide just enough tonic for one G&T, whilst keeping the tonic fizzy.

Fentimans Tonic Water

Other stuff

Whilst some use complex ingredients such as black pepper and pomegranate, we prefer to stick to the traditional. Some people don’t like to put anything else in their G&Ts, but we like a nice citrous touch.

The lime vs lemon debate continues to rage between G&T enthusiasts. We at X Flasks are strongly #teamlime.

Why can't I hold all these limes? (Classic meme for you)

We recommend a 2:1 ratio of tonic to gin (with ice), although those of you with tougher taste buds might like things a bit stronger.


You want your drink to be cold, because the colder your G&T is, the more bubbles are kept in the tonic. However, you don’t want to put the gin in the fridge, as this could lead to condensation and spoil the flavours of your gin, so be sure to keep your tonic in the fridge instead. Also pop a few ice cubes in there to help keep it cool and keep it mixed. Consider cooling the glass too for maximum refreshment.

So there you have it, a refreshing G&T for the summer. Or any season really. Got a twist on this classic recipe? Tweet us at @xflasks.



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