When can I use a Hip Flask?

by X FLASKS November 02, 2016

When can I use a Hip Flask?

Our initial response to this question was ‘when can’t you?!’ but we understand some of you might not be as experienced in the ways of the hip flask as us, and could use some more specific ideas of when to use your X FLASK. Here are our 10 suggestions:


We’d be delighted if someone bought us an X FLASK for Christmas. If someone does buy you one, what better way to celebrate the festivities and get into the Christmas spirit than by sipping Eggnog or Mulled Wine from your new, shiny X FLASK? ‘Tis the season.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


Whether it’s your birthday or someone else’s (hopefully someone you know), take your X FLASK along with you to the party and celebrate! Here’s a tip - fill it when you arrive with the drinks provided by the host. Cost effective and cool. Two worlds collide. You’re welcome.

Not exactly the kind of birthday party we had in mind, but the colours are nice

Bar Mitzvahs

What better way to celebrate a coming of age ceremony than by toasting them with a sip from your X FLASK? Bond with the other adults and be condescending together while sipping smugly from your flasks because you’ve been through all of this already. Muahaha.

Don’t drink and carry children around on chairs


Jack Sparrow summed up the best thing about weddings in the first Pirates movie - drinks all around! And we’re inclined to agree. If you’re going to a wedding where there’ll be ‘drinks all around’, then taking along your X FLASK will make you stand out from the crowd who are probably drinking from boring ol’ glasses, or worse yet, plastic cups *shudder*. This is an occasion, not a frat party! Class it up.

Nothing says 'classy' like a drunken criminal


You’ve got the blanket, you’ve got the strawberries and cream, you’ve got the sunshine. What’s missing? Drinks! Bottles can be heavy and you’re at risk of squishing your strawberries if you put them in the same bag. Resole this issue simply by taking along your X FLASK filled with your favourite beverage. Problemo solvedo.

All that’s missing is a flask

Trek through the woods

We admit the heading has potential creepy undertones, but imagine the scene. You and a few friends walking through the woods on a pleasant spring day. Sounds great, right? Now imagine you each have an X FLASK. Now it sounds perfect! It’s light and small enough to easily fit into a jacket pocket or small bag, and it’ll keep you refreshed for the duration of your trek. Sorted!

Caution: Watch out for wolves and handsome actors dressed as wolves


Similar to the previous scenario, but more folksy and more heavily featured in TV and movies. The perfect addition to a sing-song around a campfire before tucking into a plastic sheet in the middle of a random field somewhere. Ahh, camping's the best! 

We don’t recommend taking a bear with you

Family reunion

Hate your family? Get drunk in the corner with your X FLASK! We’re kidding, of course. But going to a big family reunion with cousins and uncles that you haven’t seen in years (or ever) is a perfect situation for taking a flask. It’s even better if you take one as a gift for your favourite cousin, then you can catch up and share stories while sipping from your X FLASKS like a baws.

Lady on the right has the right idea, just the wrong container

Partner’s family party

Hate your partner’s family?... No but seriously, just like the previous situation, it’s a great time to take your X FLASK with you. You’ll stand out from the crowd and really make an impression. It might also be a great gift and ice breaker for your father-in-law (or mother-in-law, of course, if she likes that sort of thing).

If Ben Stiller started by giving De Niro a hip flask, things would’ve gone better for him


Home alone and out of clean glasses and cups? No worries - just use your flask! We won’t judge you...or be visiting you any time soon. Do the washing up, man.

Cosy and alone. Just like you.


Thank you very much for reading. Hopefully this gives you a few ideas of when you can use your X FLASK. Let us know if this was helpful or if you have any other comments on Twitter at @xflasks.



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