Who should I buy a hip flask for?

by X FLASKS November 08, 2016

Who should I buy a hip flask for?

We know that hip flasks are usually associated with men, so an obvious answer to this question would be your husband, or dad, or brother. But we feel like that’s a bit limiting. The beauty and simplicity of a hip flask should be enjoyed by anyone, so we’re going to run down a list of attributes. If someone you know matches any of these, we think they’d love a hip flask.

Someone who likes to drink

Of course, you don’t have to fill your hip flask with alcohol, you could fill it with anything you want, but it’s most commonly associated with and used for alcohol. So if you know someone who enjoys drinking alcohol, particularly spirits, then we think a hip flask would be a great gift for them.

Looks delicious, right?

Someone who goes to a lot of parties

Know someone who’s always out partying? Is it there birthday or Christmas? Great! Buy them a hip flask, we’re sure they’d love it! Hip flasks are so handy so party people. You can easily and discreetly carry your liquor with you and when you take a sip or start making a drink, you’ll stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great, fun ice-breaker if you’re at a party where you don’t know many people. So go ahead and grab your party pal a hip flask!

This is how Spiderman movies were made pre-CGI

Someone who appreciates this sort of gift

You know the type of person: someone who likes suits, poker, drinking, cigars (or at least the image of those things); any of your friends/family come to mind? We think they’d love a hip flask (if the don’t have one already). It’s the perfect gift to complete their style or image.

Wroof crowd.

Someone who’s a trendsetter

Hip flasks are not common items, it’s not that often that you’ll see someone drinking from a hip flask or even know of someone who has one unless they’re in a movie. They also have an old school cool about them, with their links to the prohibition era and their long history of being discreet ways of carrying liquor. Do you know someone who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, someone who maybe accessorizes in unconventional ways or appreciates some old school cool? We think they’d be the ideal person to buy a hip flask for.

All the white ones are in fact dead. Aren’t ducks cute.

Someone who’s always prepared

Do you have a friend or relative who’s the kind of person who is ready for any situation, someone who always has something up their sleeve? The kind of person who always has a pack of cards with them, or always has a phone charger handy. Need a pen? This person’s got you covered. Well a hip flask would be perfect for them. It’s the ultimate gift for being prepared and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’ve been invited to a party at the last minute and don’t have time to buy a drink beforehand, no worries, you’ve got your trusty hip flask with you.

They may not have shown it, but this guy would have definitely had a hip flask

Someone who wants a hip flask


We don’t recommend drinking on the job, nor in the YMCA

So there you have it folks, our rundown of the kinds of people who you should buy a hip flask for. Like we’ve said, anyone can enjoy a hip flask so it’s not limited to the types of people we’ve described, but we hope we been of use in helping you find a gift for someone. Tweet us any comments you have at @xflasks and if you would like to buy an X FLASK, please visit our website xflasks.com.



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