X FLASKS Union Jack Pouch

by X FLASKS October 25, 2016

X FLASKS Union Jack Pouch

Accessories! Who doesn’t love a good accessory to go with their favourite items? A case for your phone, stickers for your laptop, a watch for your wrist, a hat for your head...well how about a pouch for your flask?! 

We’re excited to announce that we’re now selling pouches to go with our X FLASKS (or even another type of hip flask. Traitor.) The first (and only, for the meantime) pouch available is one with a quintessentially British design - the Union Jack (you should’ve guessed from the title really). They have a premium yet rugged feel to them, giving them a vintage look. It’s a great companion to your flask and gives it a more personal touch. Not only does it work as a purely aesthetic accessory, it can also double as a protective case for your flask, fending off against any knocks or drops it may encounter.

Union Jack Case 1

We know what you’re dying to ask: ‘Who can I buy one for? Who would really appreciate one of these?’ Well apart from you of course, dear reader, we’ll tell you exactly who you can buy one for.

First, it would be a good idea if the person you were considering buying one for had a flask already. It’s pretty much pointless otherwise. Unless you have something of a similar shape that you’d like to put in a pouch. But seriously, this would be great for anyone at all with a flask, specifically and X FLASK. (If they don’t already own a flask, buy them one. Hint hint.) 

More specifically though, this would make a great gift for a tourist. If you’re visiting the UK, or have visited the UK, or know anyone who is or has visited, this would make a great souvenir to remember the trip or something to use on the trip. It’ll really help you get into the spirit! (Pun intended)

Union Jack Case 2

How about someone from the UK? Someone who is British and wants to rep their country in a subtle, stylish way. It’s not as ‘in your face’ as a t-shirt or hat might be, it’s just a little something to show you love Britain each time you reach for your hip flask and place it back into your inside jacket pocket - close to your heart. Aww <3.

Are you, or do you know, the kind of person who is (sometimes overly) precautious when it comes to their possessions? Someone who never leaves the house with their phone unless it has a case and screen protector, someone who cleans/buffs their shoes very often, someone who doesn’t immediately remove the protective film when buy a new phone/tablet/computer. Well we think one of these pouches would be perfect for you! Even though our X FLASKS are stainless steel and very durable, you can never be too careful. Pop it in one of these to put your mind at ease (wehey!).

Union Jack Case 3

You may decide to put something warm in your hip flask, although we wouldn’t recommend it since there’s no insulation, just metal, so it’ll be hot to the touch. But if you’re a rebel and still determined to put something warm in it (maybe some mulled wine at Christmas), then this pouch could double as insulation and some protection for your hand. The pouch is not made for this, but then again humans were not made to sit and look at computer screens for many hours a day, yet here we are. Anyway, we think you should buy one.

So that’s settled. You’re all sold on our delightful new pouches. The only thing left to do is tell you the price and where you can buy them. We’ll be starting them off at £24.99 each and you can buy them, as well as all of our other products, from our website xflasks.com. Tweet us if you have any questions or comments! Happy sipping.



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