About us


Founded in 2016, X FLASKS was created following a need to find a personalised quality gift and improve the image of the traditional hip flask. First conceived by Markus Ganterer whilst trying to find an upmarket wedding gift for friends. One that wouldn’t just sit on a shelf but would actually be used, enjoyed and stand the test of time. One of the highest quality and unique in its design. After searching far and wide for the best craftsmen, Markus presented his newlywed friends with the first of what was to become an X FLASK. And as with any special occasion, a gift should be unique and memorable, so he had a personal message engraved onto the flask.

The gift was a tremendous success and the newlyweds received many positive comments about the flask. Buoyed by this level of interest, Markus quickly realised that he could help others make memories and X FLASKS was born.

Why the name “X FLASKS”?. It’s the X factor that sets us apart from suppliers of other more mundane, traditional gifts. To create a lasting memory, something special is needed. Something intangible that you possibly can’t quite describe, but we all know it as an X factor. This powerful letter also features in words we associate with - luXury and eXcellence. With all this in mind, the name was obvious.

Since then, the collection has grown and we now sell X FLASKS with a range of metal finishes and accessories. Our mission remains the same as it was for Markus at his friend’s wedding - to make special days extra memorable with a gift that lasts.

Markus Ganterer

What makes our flasks awesome?

  • Completely seamless - no seams improve the quality of the flask and ensure no leakage
  • Lifetime guarantee - we love our flasks so much we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Free caps - if you ever need another one, get in touch and we'll send it straight away
  • Super Safe - As the flasks are made from Stainless Steel, there is no risk of contamination of the liquid inside.

Product Info

  • Size: 123mm X 90mm X 21mm
  • Capacity: 170ml
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Made from: High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Engraving Text Size: Usually 14, but we can change based on customer demand
  • We offer worldwide shipping

Get in touch

  • By email hello@xflasks.com
  • On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/xflasks/
  • On Twitter https://twitter.com/xflasks